I use photography competitions to help me drive my skills and push me to create new work at a high standard.  I recently entered some images into the Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA).  These awards are considered by many as the most prestigious and competitive in the country.

The point about the awards I like the best is that my images are judged by a panel of some of the best photographers in the world.  My images were set in front of these industry leading experts and they discussed and argued over the quality, intent and story.  I was awarded 2 Silvers and a Silver with Distinction this year.  

"Fire Prince" - 2015 APPA Silver Award

"Suicide Clown Reflections" - 2015 APPA Silver Award

"Pirate Mike" - 2015 APPA Silver with Distinction Award

I love what I do.  I love that I can create imagery that can capture a feeling, emotion or can tell a story.  I will always create images; it is in my soul; it is part of who I am.  I look forward to creating something new and I look forward to showing the world how I see things.

Enjoy life my friends

Doug Hall