I am a big believer that you need to find out what the important things in your life are, then try to focus your life on those things.  Life can get overly complicated and it can become overwhelming very quickly.

I follow an amazing photographer (Zac Arias), who did a guest blog spot for Scott Kelby about "Signal & Noise".  His words lingered in my mind for a long time and when this photoshoot come to life I used it as inspiration.

"White Noise" is about all the rubbish that bombards you in your life and covers you from top to bottom, so it becomes almost impossible to see through the noise of everyday life, to what is really important.

Image from the "White Noise" series

Like all good photoshoots, you need a great team and I just love working with these girls.  They are professional, talented and most importantly, lots of fun.

Model : Erica Foster
MUA : Kathryn Molloy
Hair : Rebekah Graham

See through the White Noise my friends, to what is important to you.  Focus on that and you will enjoy life so much more.

Doug Hall