Nobody knows why the darkness comes. Why the sadness that falls upon us, just doesn't go away. That nothing feeling that fills your heart and that sensation of hopelessness that occupies your mind. Even clowns, whose entire existence is about making people happy, are often themselves covered by the darkness.

...darkness is not my friend, however I know it. I know because I was there, in it’s deep shadows...

The days get hard and things don't always go the way they are planned.  I have my sad days for no reason, but I accept that now and remind myself that it is ok to be sad, for no reason.  I love my life, all of it.  I take photo's for a living, have a loving wife (hi babydoll) and amazing friends and family.  I also love it because of the sad days and the darkness. Don't get me wrong, darkness is not my friend, but I know it. I know because I was there, in it's deep shadows, not seeing any hope, any happiness. I grew to understand that for me, the darkness helps give my life balance.  With balance comes happiness and the ability to enjoy life.

Image from the "Suicide Clowns" series

Even though this photoshoot was a dark theme and personally had a very emotional connection for me, I surrounded myself with an amazing team who, without their talent and ideas, I could not have created this series.

Models : Isaac KairouzAngeline Bubsy
HMUA : Kirsten Pawlicki
Style : Christine's Place 

Thankyou all for being a part of my life, be it a big part or a little part. It helps me enjoy my life and lets me find my balance.

Enjoy life

Doug Hall