It is important in my opinion, to continue to grow as a photographer and artist.  It not only helps your work but also keeps your hunger for creating it alive.  Sometimes I will create photoshoots that will help me test new methods of shooting, new lighting ideas, different equipment, new posing options or, as it was in this case, work with the ideas and creativity of different people.

To study music, we must learn the rules. To create music, we must forget them.
— Nadia Boulanger

Image from the "Dark Spikes" series

The world is always thirsty for something new, something amazing, something that leads the industry.  How do you become an artist that does that?  When I was learning the guitar as a child, there was a sign in the waiting room that read "To study music, we must learn the rules. To create music, we must forget them" (Nadia Boulanger).  What makes you as a photographer or artist different to the person next to you?  That same person that has studied with you, that has learned the same rules that you have.  The difference is you.  The life journey that you have traveled has created your mindset, your beliefs, your hates, your view on life.  This is what makes you different and unique.  This difference is what I want to be around and helps me open my mind to new ideas, new perceptions, different tastes and all this helps me to create something awesome.

Model : Stacie Pickles
HMUA : Sarah Tahir

Did we create something new and industry leading in this shoot?  No I don't think so, but I am now a richer person from working with these two people.  I have grown as an artist and a photographer.  I have also met two new friends.

Enjoy life my friends, before the darkness gets you.

Doug Hall