Sometimes in life you need to look into the shadows to find the beauty you are looking for.  You need to learn how to see without the light.  When I started my photography journey, I was taught that photography is all about the light.  What I have come to understand is, that this also means the lack of it. 

One camera, One lens and no expectations

As a full time photographer, I love my life.  I love being able to capture or create imagery for my clients.  To keep balance in my life and the thirst and love for photography, it is important for me to create imagery for myself.  Some of my personal shoots are well planned, complex, themed events that often have an underlying story.  Others are simple; One camera, One lens and no expectations.  Shoot for the pure love of looking for the light, or the shadows.

Image from "New Acton" series.

It is a great feeling just chillin' out, walking around a cool area of town with someone who just wants to do the same.  Shoot for the fun of it.  When I put the call out for someone to come for a photo walk with me as a model, at very short notice, Joh Raymond put her hand up.  Joh has a beautiful soul, a love for life and it was a delight to be able to spend some time with her. Together we went looking into the shadows, trying to find some beauty.  I think we were successful.

I want to be a better photographer and person than I was yesterday. Some days that means head down, bum up learning new things, while others it means laying in a hammock and letting my mind drift into fresh ideas.  Some days, like this one, it means taking a photo for the simple love of photography. 

Enjoy life my friends, before the darkness gets you.

Doug Hall