I have been told by so many people as I was training to be a photographer and even now, that you need to have hair and makeup and stylists involved in a photoshoot to create something amazing.  I grew to believe something very different.  Having an amazing team to help create images can really add to the shoot, however on the other end of the spectrum not doing anything can also be just as amazing.

...not doing anything can also be just as amazing.

I was challenged by a few people at the time to put my money where my mouth is.  So I put a last minute call out to the social media world of friends and said "Come as you are, no makeup, no styling, no team.  Just have some fun in front of the camera", to shoot that evening.  I setup my studio and shot whoever came in, as they were.  About 12 people showed up an we ordered pizza, turned the music up load and laughed and joked and took a few photo's.

I can not tell you how much fun I had on this shoot and really we only had about 5 minutes each in front of the camera, yet we got so many amazing images.  Zero prep time for the models and about 20 seconds to a minute of editing time.

I should do more of these shoots; it’s good for my soul.

It can get very overwhelming for photographers who fall into the trap that you need to make a big production for every shoot, when sometimes the simple approach would work so much better.  This shoot was a couple of years ago now, however I still have some of my fondest studio shoot memories from that evening.  I should do more of these shoots; it's good for my soul.

Enjoy life  my friends

Doug Hall