Before I was a photographer, I was a senior computer engineer, working the 9 to 5 life for a global company, climbing the corporate ladder, with my 2 nice cars, nice big house, nice wife and a couple of pet dogs.  I had everything society said I should, to have a happy life.  Why then did I feel so unhappy, empty, uninspired, walking around day to day, living the zombie life. 

...unhappy, empty, uninspired, walking around day to day, living the zombie life.

I don't know why that picture of happiness didn't fill my life with joy.  Perhaps it was just that my life was always destined to follow another path.  My life is very different now. I am happy, inspired, full of life and walking with the living every day.

Image from the CMA Zombie assessment shoot

I am very lucky to be able to work with some very talented makeup artists in my day to day life.  Their skills and passion for what they do, inspires me and fills me with creative energy. This zombie shoot was part of a makeup student assessment in Canberra.  Some awesome work by the future of the industry.  

...I just love shooting zombies

It might just be that in my previous life, I was living a zombie life, but I just love shooting zombies.

Enjoy life my friends.

Doug Hall