I have recently embarked on another little personal journey and it is due to the fact that I have noticed of late, that I have been falling into a slump of comfort.  Shooting the same things, the same way, telling the same stories. I know for me, that this state is very dangerous for the creative mind.  It can eat your soul like a cancer, slowly destroying your thirst and drive and before you know it, your shaking hands with the darkness again.

...before you know it, your shaking hands with the darkness again.

This personal project journey involves me shooting and editing subjects that I might not normally and edit in styles that I may not have tried before.  I have only shot 3 shoots in this journey so far and I have been so surprised how many holes in my knowledge I have found.  Using methods and techniques that I would normally consider "not me", has stretched me more than I had thought.  I have a renewed thirst to learn, practice and soak in the skills which I can then throw into my virtual photography toolbag.

Image from the "Flowers and Glitter" series

One of the shoots in this journey was "Flowers and Glitter".  A beauty studio shoot, using 2 young models and focused on the makeup and hairpieces.  I stood back from the creative development of this shoot deliberately so I wouldn't tempted to fall back into my normal way of doing things.  The team was amazing and I learnt allot from working with them.

MUA/Creative Director - Jacqui Scott MUA 
Models - Amy MahlLogan Webb
Hair - Rimarkable Hair
Asst - Kira Armarego Artistry , Michelle Hush
Hairpiece - Rockstars and Royalty

I look forward to showing you all what I learn from my little 2015 self improvement journey.

Enjoy life my friends

Doug Hall