This is my girl, my inspiration, my muse and my happiness. She helps, supports and most importantly, she believes in me.

My Babydoll - Erin

I have been a professional photographer for a relatively short part of my life and am constantly striving to improve my craft. The most important thing to have, to be a success, are friends and loved ones that are there for you.

This can be said about all things in life. It’s not about how famous you are or how rich you are or how many awards you have, it’s all about the people in your life.

Because of the giant leaps of faith I am taking in my life, there are times when I doubt myself, my decisions and my ability. Having the support and love of Erin gives me strength and hope which helps me face the adversity of life and also my inner demons.

Erin and Jaz just hangin out

Erin is by far my most photographed subject. Lucky for me she has tolerated my need to experiment with methods, styles and equipment.

I am lucky to have Erin in my life and I am a better photographer and a better person because of her.

I love you babydoll. 

Enjoy life my friends.

Doug Hall