My life, at times, feels like I am in a huge forrest. The trees obscuring my view of the sky and making the sun work hard so as to let its light hit my face. With many trails in this maze of green; each winding their way around the trees; some easy but take you nowhere; some seemingly impossible to travel yet lead you to an almost magical location.  Then there are times I feel their is no trial. I almost feel lost, aimlessly walking through the dense plant life, trying not to become entangled. Sometimes I trip, fall, become disorientated, lost in a world I still find beautiful, yet am petrified of at the same time.

My enemy or my saviour. Which will he be today?

It is these times I truly fear. It is these times my heart begins to race without control.  It is these times this beautiful world becomes dark with all its elements plotting my downfall.  It is these times, the Woodsman appears.

He can destroy you with one blow or protect you from the animals.  He can dig your grave or lead you from the shadows and back to the path. You see, the Woodsman is me. My belief or self doubt.  My strength or my weakness.  My enemy or my saviour. Which will he be today?

"The Woodsman"

Many thanks to an amazing team who never fails to create something special.

MUA/Creative Director -  Kirsten Pawlicki
Models - Tom Marsalek
Clothing :: Christines Place

Until next time my friends, Enjoy Life.

Doug Hall