So this is how it all went down.  Ella is an awesome soul.  The world would be a better place if there were more peeps like her in it.  She posted a selfie this one day, of her new haircut and I went "I would so love to have you in front of my camera one day. Hit me up if you ever want to shoot something".  She did - a few messages later we had it sorted. Shoot a little here, shoot a little there. Add some laughs and some tripping over studio lights and BAM, Total Devastation!

The world is screwed now !!!!

I have always loved the character Tank Girl.  Her attitude, her strength and of course her sharp tongue. As soon as I saw Ella it jump into  my head for the theme.

Bam, total devastation

I had two ideas for the look.  A poster look, almost cartoon feel with different quotes the character would have used.  This was shot using a white background 4 light setup.  Two bare bulbs on the background to blow to pure white and two on the model (small softboxes) in a odd clamshell setup.  

Poster from the "Tank Girl" series.

The second look is more of a dark edgy feel, however still wanted to pay homage to Tank Girls graphic novel roots, so went to another 4 light setup I often use for similar looks.  Two lights with gridded strip banks on either side of the model and a high front main light and a fill light on the floor.  After some extra experimenting in post production (ooohhh and some whiskey), I settled on this look.

Dark graphic novel images from the "tank Girl" series.

Here is a little secret, after every shoot I select my personal fav image and give it a special ID mark in my editing system.  Normally I choose maybe 1 or 2 from the shoot, sometimes none, however this time round I choose 7.

Again I am a very lucky person to know such amazing people and I can not thank Ella & Lottie enough for helping create something so cool.

MUA -  Lottie Le'Strange
Model -  Ella Wilkes

My world has a little more awesome in it because of this shoot.  Enjoy it my friends.

Doug Hall