I believe you must have balance in your life to be truly happy.  Work & play, joy & sadness, stress & relaxation, hope & despair.  All things coming together to keep you level in life, balanced in your mind, allowing you to see and feel the things truly important to you.  I am often unbalanced, something pulling at me, tilting me off my centre.  It is at these times I don't feel like myself, however it is in these times I now recognise I am not right and have taught myself to then search to find my balance again.

...it is really simple, but I am not sure your going to like it.

"OOhhhhh Doug what is the secret to finding your balance?" I hear people thinking.  I don't know what works for you but for me it is really simple, but I am not sure your going to like it.  I stop thinking. Stop worrying about things I have no control over.  Strip back myself so I can see what makes me who I am at that moment.  When I do that, I see what isn't working, find the new path and continue my journey.  Now I said it's simple, not that it's easy.  I struggle to close my brain and stop the worry, especially if I am filled with emotion.

Life happens like that sometimes, so why shouldn’t we shoot like that.

I often shoot to clear my head.  Helps me find my centre and reflect on myself.  It has a weird healing power; just hanging out in the studio creating imagery for the pure love of it.  "Golden Beauty" was one such shoots.

Image from the "Golden Beauty" series

We literally made this shoot up on the fly.  Kirsten brought some stuff thinking that gold would be a nice theme, Cheyne brought her amazing self and her faith that we would have fun and create something cool and I didn't even think about lighting until the girls walked out of the prep room. Life happens like that sometimes, so why shouldn't we shoot like that.

MUA/Creative Director -  Kirsten Pawlicki
Model -  Cheyne Kennedy
Materials :: Christines Place

So my friends, stop thinking from time to time.  You never know, it might help you find your balance again.

Enjoy life.

Doug Hall