It's time to start swimming. Enough of this tredding water, enough of hating my work, just enough.  So here I am at the starting line of a new phase of my photography.  A new way for me to create images. Everything now focused on a changed mind set.  A new way for me to do what I always wanted to do - Tell the story.  I have started the planning for my next story I want to tell.  I am investing money, time and equipment into the ideas and now preparing the teams to create images that will hopefully bring the stories to life.

So here I am at the starting line of a new phase of my photography.

Sometimes when your starting in a new direction, you have to first reflect on the times in your past that have invoked some emotion and inspired you, so you can take those felling and use them to drive you.  So I took and little history trip into my images, looking for a memory of emotion I can use.  Looking for happiness.  I found some.

Last year I had the privilege of taking a group of photography students to New Zealand.  We had an amazing group of people travel with us, not to mention a world class team.  

When I look at the images I was able to capture while helping others capture stunning imagery as well, it puts butterflies into my belly.  I have a passion for sharing this amazing art form with others and I want to inspire people to use their camera to unleash their creative selves and the memories of this trip brings nothing but amazingly happy feelings.  I even lost a camera and lens into the deep darkness of a freezing cold lake, but I think about it now with a smile.

We traveled the South Island, stopping and starting, looking for the light, having an adventure with our cameras and our fellow travellers. 

So now I have my fuel, my happiness memories, that I can use to drive my mind forward.  I am excited for the things to come.  I am still scared I will fail, but now I am confident if I do, it won't stop me from enjoying life and doing what I am here to do - Use photography to Tell Stories.

Enjoy life my friends.

Doug Hall