When your creative world becomes dark and the only thing you know, is that you have to move forward, then you move forward.  In the dark.  Hitting shit with your shins and swearing like a wharf worker, but still moving forward.  Why I hear you say? Because sitting still, in the dark, waiting for the last trace of sanity to leave my mind, just isn't a friggin option for me anymore.

...sitting still, in the dark, waiting for the last trace of sanity to leave my mind...

So on my new found journey of self discovery and story telling, I first need to move forward in the dark.  Get the brain working again, while blasting away the rusted solid creative blocks that plague my mind.  I did this by trying something I haven't done in a very long time.  I gave myself a shooting challenge designed to break me.  11 fashion shoots in 24 hours.  Each with different hair, makeup, style, location, models and a seperate personal shooting challenge for each.  

Image taken from Session 10 - Garage Studio

I made the call to my amazing friend, skilled MUA and creative guru Marie and she stepped up to support me on this little trip into craziness.  With her help we built the team. An amazing team !!

Makeup/Style: Marie Donnell
Hair: Cassandra Lee Heath
Makeup Assist: Lottie Johnson &  Allanah Jane Maynard
Photography Asst: Mark Turner
Crowns: Peonynpearl
Wardrobe: Rockstars and Royalty
Wife/Asst/General Awesome:  Erin Wells
Annoying dog:  Jaz
Kelda McManus, Josie Kate Dunham, Madelaine Hopkins
Ashleigh Wilson (Devojka Models) , Ray Chel, Alison McGregor
Noo Gray, Emily Rose Lodge, Freya Cole,
Archana Milani-Rohra, Ali Williams & Tess Niven

Image taken from Session 6 - On Location

It was hectic on shoot weekend.  We started late afternoon Saturday and finished Sunset Sunday.  A little past the 24 hour challenge, but hey it was designed to break me.  I was inspired by the people around me, pushing past the tired barrier, the failures, the mishaps, the late finishes, the very early starts & the reworks to get something solid.  There was silly amounts of lollies, chips, sandwiches, coffee, red wine, white wine, whiskey, cider, port and some water consumed on this epic shoot and all essential to get the result.  Well I am still arguing about the water.

The result was simple. We got something out of every session.  Some images made it into the portfolio, some published, a large chunk being used for team business marketing and the rest have been slowly trickling onto social media to share with the world.  

Here a few images from each session, with a few Behind the Scene images.

It was chaotic, physically exhausting, technically challenging and emotionally overwhelming. Did it break me?  It came close.  I lost my shit a few times, mostly at the dog.  Would I do it again? In a heartbeat, especially with this crew.  I am not out of the dark yet, however I can see a flicker of light in the distance.  Now for the next step forward in the dark.

Enjoy life my friends
Doug Hall